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UniScreenTM Technology

Creating The Next Generation Of Sand-Control Tubulars

UniScreen™ technology (patent pending) is an entirely new manufacturing method that creates unitized, pre-constructed screen/shroud cartridges that deliver both premium performance and outstanding economy.

The result?
UniScreen sand-control screens
A revolutionary advance in the way sand-control screens are manufactured and supplied.

TPM can manufacture UniScreen sand control tubulars with standard TPM materials and configurations or use your custom specifications for the shroud, filter media (mesh) and support core.


Value - Delivers both performance and economy in premium sand-control applications. Even low-volume,

UNISCREENTM CARTRIDGE: a unitized tubular incorporating
 1) protective shroud,
 2) filter media, and
 3) support core.
marginal wells can now be cost-effectively equipped for exceptional sand control.

Durability - Unitized construction provides mechanical strength for superior stress and impact resistance. Cartridge design protects filter media during installation, ensures long service life downhole, and keeps filter media firmly in place.

Effectiveness - Offers larger ID/OD ratios for outstanding sand retention and maximum production efficiency.

Well-Site Time Savings - One-piece design substantially reduces both the time and labor needed for installation. UniScreen cartridges slide directly over base pipe and the ends are welded together.

Enhanced Logistics - Eliminates the need to ship base pipe. In addition to reducing transport costs, this gives you the freedom to use local base pipe at international sites to satisfy Country of Origin rules.

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