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UniScreenTM Technology

Designed for Cost-Efficiency, Built for Performance

The patent-pending UniScreen manufacturing process enables simultaneous forming of the protective shroud and filter media around an inner support tube. This creates a high-strength,

unitized cartridge that simply slides over base pipe and welds in place at the well site.

Unlike conventional hand-wrapped screen assemblies, the screen mesh in a UniScreen cartridge is tight, uniform and locked in position within the shroud. This improves screen performance downhole, for more reliable sand control and maximum hydrocarbon production. UniScreen construction accommodates increased pressure differentials in the well, especially during critical reverse-flow operations.

Versatile Manufacturing Process

UniScreen manufacturing is incredibly versatile. It allows you to use standard TPM materials and configurations or incorporate custom filter media (mesh) and shroud designs. The process is not limited by micron ratings, the number of mesh layers required, or the need for laminates - so that design and production are completely driven by the unique needs of your application.

Superior Components

TPM makes UniScreen tubulars using the high-quality spiral welding techniques incorporated in all of our shrouds and support cores. Spiral welding creates high-strength tubes with greater rigidity at reduced wall thicknesses. The process accommodates a wide range of sizes and easily handles product features that challenge other mills, such as dimples, louvers, and tight restrictions.

For more information about UniScreen technology, and assistance with your unique requirements, contact TPM today.

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