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Tubular Perforating
Manufacturing, Ltd.

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Why Choose TPM?

100% quality inspected

Proven Performance

TPM is the undisputed leader in oilfield perforated tubing. In an industry where turnaround times are short, product specifications are demanding, and downhole conditions are rugged, TPM tubing is the preferred choice.

Outside of the oilfield, our perforated tubes serve many other needs in industries as diverse as water treatment, food processing, nuclear energy, and pulp and paper. Our tubes are commonly used for support cores and protective shrouds for filters and strainers.

Value EngineeringSM

At TPM, every project begins with a thorough pre-production analysis called Value Engineering. We start with your requirements - material, gauge, hole pattern, open area, and other specifications. Then we scrutinize each phase of production, searching for ways to enhance manufacturing efficiency and reduce your costs.


TPM has earned a reputation for meeting tight delivery schedules. Everything we do - from the equipment we use to the perforated material inventories we maintain - is geared toward generating superior-quality products as quickly as possible.

Documented Quality

TPM adheres to stringent quality assurance procedures, including 100% inspection of finished pieces. Every tube receives a thorough examination of ID/OD, weld integrity, straightness,
Just-In-Time inventory management
and tube length. We will also incorporate any additional quality requirements you may have. The TPM quality assurance program is fully documented and available for your review.

Material certifications are provided for every order, with complete listings of relevant chemical and physical properties. Every order is fully traceable back to the heat number of the raw material.

Just-In-Time Inventory Management

TPM will work with you to achieve Just-In-Time supply for your perforated tubes. We often proceed based on blanket purchase orders, shipping quantities only as you need them and maintaining a sufficient inventory of your tubes at our facility.

We track your usage rates, communicate with you to adjust for any special needs, and replenish stock as necessary. As a result, your inventory costs are minimized.

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