AccuShroud Technology

Precise Perforations Create An Effective Mesh-Free Sand Screen

Proven AccuShroud™ technology combines precisely perforated shroud and base pipe to create an effective, mesh-free sand screen. AccuShroud™ sand screens are a proven alternative to wire-wrapped screens or slotted liners for a wide range of oil and gas completions and water wells.

Robust, High-Strength Sand Screen

Advanced manufacturing techniques give AccuShroud™ screens a highly controlled micron rating with the strength to maintain gauge accuracy and withstand impacts and stresses during installation. Screens are available in stainless steel or corrosion-resistant alloys (CRA) for added durability and value.

AccuShroud™ is formed from one continuous shroud, so it will not shift or unwind like some wire-wrapped screens, even if damaged while running downhole.

The AccuShroud™ manufacturing process stamps perforations with precise gauge control for permanent, reliable performance. The gauge will not open up as some wire-wrapped screens do if the screen is mishandled or damaged in shipping or installation.

High-Flow Sand-Control

AccuShroud™ screens have open area that is greater than slotted liners and equal to or greater than wire-wrapped screens. They provide an optimum balance of sand retention and fluid production to maximize your profits.


AccuShroud™ technology is an effective mesh-free alternative for applications such as:

    • Open hole and cased hole oil and gas completions
    • Water wells
    • Vertical, deviated and horizontal completions of oil, gas and injector wells
    • Stand-alone completions
    • Gravel-pack and frac-pack completions
    • Completions that use Alternate Path gravel-pack shunt tube technologies
    • Long and extreme-reservoir-contact wells
    • High-rate-gas environments


      AccuShroud™ Slip-On: combines the strength and corrosion resistance of AccuShroud™ screens in a slip-on shroud which is welded in place on base pipe.

      AccurShroud™ Direct-Wrap: an innovative manufacturing method attaches AccuShroud™ to the base pipe, providing the strength to withstand high loads in shear, compaction and torque. Forming AccuShroud™ directly on the base pipe creates a smaller OD for easier maneuverability and improves corrosion resistance for unsurpassed durability during installation.


      AccuShroud™ technology is protected under the following patents:
      U.S. Issued Patent No. 7,287,684 B2
      U.K. Issued Patent No. GB2391183
      Norwegian Patent No. 331873