IsoFlo Technology

Balanced Flow for Extended Sand Screen Life

Long-Lasting, Premium Sand-Control

Imagine a sand-control screen that balances fluid flow to avoid channeling and prevent accelerated wear.

That’s IsoFlo.™

IsoFlo™ technology enables your sand-control assembly to last longer and your wellbore to achieve maximum productivity and profitability.

What’s more, IsoFlo™ is available with UniScreen™ technology, giving you premium, extended-life sand-control.

Attacks Wear At The Source

Conventional screens typically wear fastest at weld seams, the path of least resistance where fluids tend to flow at the greatest speed and volume.

IsoFlow™ balanced-flow sand screens are designed with innovative variable-diameter perforations to distribute flow more evenly across the surface of the shroud and protect against accelerated wear.

Combines With UniScreen™ Technology

IsoFlow™ sand screens are available with UniScreen™ technology, providing a balanced-flow screen that combines base pipe, support core, filter media, and protective shroud in a single, unitized screen joint.


    IsoFlo™ technology can improve productivity and durability for virtually any completion type and downhole condition, including:

    • High-wear applications
    • Open hole and cased hole completions
    • Stand-alone completions
    • Gravel-pack and frac-pack completions
    • Vertical, deviated and horizontal completions of oil, gas and injector wells
    • High flow rate producers
    • Completions that use Alternate Path gravel-pack shunt tube technologies
    • Long and extreme-reservoir-contact wells
    • Wells with severe downhole conditions
    • Installations with inflow or injection control devices
    • Oil Sands/SAGD
    • Backflow Filtering

    IsoFo™ technology is protected under the following patents:
    U.S. Issued Patent No. 7,287,684 B2
    U.K. Issued Patent No. GB2391183
    Norwegian Patent No. 331873