MultiMesh screens

Multiphase Flow Performance

MultiMesh sand screens from TPM offer consistent performance and plugging resistance in formations producing heavy oil.

Compared to wire wrap screens, MultiMesh screens deliver superior results for these key reasons.

  • AICV. Producers are often using sophisticated Autonomous Inflow Control Valves (AICV) to manage reservoir uncertainty and water production in stand-alone completions. Wire wrap screens disperse water in the oil and negatively impact AICV performance. MultiMesh, however,  maintains stratified flow for optimal AICV operation. 
  • Heavy Oil. In heavy oil, the oil/water interface is very low in the annulus. This results in a high water phase velocity that lifts solids and plugs screens to a greater extent than in light oil.  MultiMesh screen is designed to handle higher suspended solids and extend the completion service life in heavy oil reservoirs.

Erosion Protection at Basepipe Perforation

Standard Screen
T = 24 Hours
Multiple Mesh Screen
T = 96 Hours

Erosion damage on a conventional screen vs a multiple mesh screen (test performed at 72 gpm through a 4in screen disk with 4g/L 360mesh SiC Grit – after SPE 208817).

Screen Selection Affects ICD Performance

Phase Separation Downstream of Multiple Mesh Screen
Flowrate: 4m3/hr (600bpd) – 50% Water 
Phase Dispersion Downstream of Wire Wrap Screen
Flowrate: 4m3/hr (600bpd) – 50% Water

Robust Coatings From Industry Leaders

Hardened Mesh
SuperHydrophobic Mesh

Proven Worldwide

UniScreen™ technology is protected under the following patents:

U.S. Issued Patent No. 10,981,090 and 10,895,134

U.S. Patent Pending No. 17/472,306, 18/101,508 and 63/438,746

EU Patent Pending No. EP22161156

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