UniScreen Technology

Economical Sand Control, Maximum Pay Zone Recovery

Patented UniScreen™ technology produces a sand-control screen that combines the base pipe, support core, filter media, and protective shroud in a single, unitized screen joint. The result is an economical, durable, ready-to-run screen that simplifies installation, reduces costs, and delivers premium performance downhole.

Built For Solids-Free Production

The proprietary UniScreen™ manufacturing process creates sand screens with greater mechanical strength for superior stress and impact resistance. Filter media are tight, uniform, and locked into position within the protective shroud for optimum particle control.

Shrouds and support cores are produced using spiral welding, which creates greater rigidity at reduced wall thicknesses. Spiral welding also allows a wider range of sizes and lengths, while more easily accommodating challenges with dimples, louvers, and tight restrictions.

Economical Installation

UniScreen™ sand screens can be produced in full tube lengths, decreasing the number of joints and reducing assembly costs. Unitized, single-piece design reduces installation time and labor. TPM or our global network of service companies can install UniScreen™ joints onto customer-supplied base pipe at the well site.


UniScreen™ technology offers savings and performance benefits for a wide range of applications:

    • Open hole and cased hole completions
    • Stand-alone completions
    • Gravel-pack and frac-pack completions
    • Vertical, deviated and horizontal completions of oil, gas and injector wells
    • High flow rate producers
    • Completions that use Alternate Path gravel-pack shunt tube technologies
    • Long and extreme-reservoir-contact wells
    • Wells with severe downhole conditions
    • Installations with inflow or injection control devices
    • Oil Sands/SAGD
    • Backflow Filtering

      Proven Worldwide

      UniScreen™ technology is protected under the following patents:

      U.S. Issued Patent No. 7,287,684 B2

      U.K. Issued Patent No. GB2391183

      Norwegian Patent No. 331873