Sand-Control Screen Technologies

TPM offers advanced, patented sand screen technologies to help you maximize flow capacity in the most demanding operating conditions.


Combines base pipe, support core, filter media, and protective shroud in a single, unitized screen joint.

See how it simplifies installation, reduces costs, and delivers premium performance downhole.


This unique design fights erosion and abrasion by directing and dispersing fluid flow to avoid hot spots and maintain filter integrity. 

For long screen life in extreme downhole conditions, this screen is a proven performer.


Variable-diameter perforations distribute flow more evenly across the surface of the shroud to protect against accelerated wear. 

Discover the balanced-flow solution for long-lasting sand-control.


Get superior multiphase performance from the sand screen designed to handle higher volumes of suspended solids and extend completion service life in heavy oil reservoirs.

See why it outperforms wire wrap screens in durability and plugging resistance.


High-quality filter mesh and shrouds manufactured directly onto base pipe produce a low-profile screen that maneuvers easier downhole and provides long-lasting service.

Learn about the only premium mesh, direct-wrap sand screen.


Precisely perforated shrouds and base pipe create a sand screen with highly controlled micron ratings plus superior strength.

Take a look at a sand screen that is effective, rugged, and mesh-free.